Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions in the eibabo® store.

Top 3 FAQs

1. Are there discounts for resellers or repeat customers of eibabo®?

Published eibabo® discounts are equally valid for all customers, whether consumers (private customers) or business customers. However, it is possible to establish special conditions for specific customers for the entire product range or for specific items or manufacturers. This is generally reviewed and granted after the first order and depends on the anticipated sales volume. You can send a review directly to and at the same time to or using the contact options indicated in the store.

This option is very interesting for repeat customers who are very familiar with the eibabo® store and regularly place orders, if these order values are below the limit values for granting discounts.

2. How can I reach my personal eibabo® customer consultant regarding an order?

In the “My Account” area, your orders are depicted very clearly with comprehensive options for communication in your local language with your specifically assigned personal customer consultant. For this purpose, please log in to the eibabo® store where you placed the order in question. You can do so by clicking the person symbol in the main menu. After logging into the desktop version of eibabo®, you will find the My Account area on the left side. In the mobile version of eibabo®, after logging in, you can click on the Menu icon with 3 horizontal bars. Here you will find the content for “My Account”, your personal customer account.

Please select “Order overview” there. All the orders you have made will be displayed chronologically. Each order features 3 icons:


Speech bubble icon

Info icon

Repeat icon

Using the speech bubble icon, you can reach the communication terminal with your personal customer consultant including all previous communication regarding the order. In this area, you can use the button New order inquiry to send questions or information that we will address promptly. In the contact form, select a desired topic as the “Reason for inquiry” and communicate all necessary information to us in the field “Your message”.

The info icon retrieves the content of the order you made, displaying all relevant product information contained in the order.

The repeat icon will add the order contents to the shopping cart again and makes it easier to repeat orders you have made in the past.

3. What does the eibabo® delivery time information next to the item mean?

The delivery time information in the detailed view refers to the currently selected country of delivery in days (Day = Monday to Friday, not a holiday in Germany in the states of Bavaria or Saxony) after order acceptance. In the desktop version, the country of delivery can be changed after logging in through the main menu, the shopping cart or the “My Account” area.

A central warehouse item can be identified by a green truck symbol in the product preview.

For a red truck symbol, you might find the following displayed in the detailed view:

Date information / 1-2 days

This means that the warehouse item is currently sold out, but will be restocked in the warehouse and thus available no later than the displayed date. Such articles can be ordered normally, even if they are marked as red, as long as you agree to the delivery period.

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