Electronic ballast 3x18W QTI DALI 3X18

LEDVANCE - QTI DALI 3X18 - Electronic ballast 3x18W QTI DALI 3X18
Photo source: fig. possibly similar
Photo source: fig. possibly similar
QTI DALI 3X18 4008321069979 4008321069979 EAN/GTIN

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Type electronic, Multi-watt model no, For lamp type HI no, For lamp type HM no, For lamp type HS... more
Electronic ballast 3x18W QTI DALI 3X18 – LEDVANCE – 4008321069979 – 4008321069979: Type electronic, Multi-watt model no, For lamp type HI no, For lamp type HM no, For lamp type HS no, For lamp type LS no, For lamp type T7 no, For lamp type T16 no, For lamp type T16-R no, For lamp type T26 yes, For lamp type T38 no, For lamp type TR no, For lamp type TU no, For lamp type TC-D no, For lamp type TC-DD no, For lamp type TC-DEL no, For lamp type TC-F yes, For lamp type TC-L yes, For lamp type TC-QEL no, For lamp type TC-S no, For lamp type TC-SEL no, For lamp type TC-T no, For lamp type TC-TEL no, Suitable for number of lamps 3, Rated voltage 220..240 V, Housing Metal housing, Degree of protection (IP) IP20, Protection class I, Length 360 mm, Width 40 mm, Height 21 mm

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Additional product description

Appealing design and functionality. Our range of products is manufactured by LEDVANCE. We have listed this product under item no. EB11402712. The product belongs to the Ballast product group listed in the eibabo® Lighting shop catalog. When you choose this item, you get high quality at a low price! Customers often purchase this popular item from our shop. Unfortunately, this item does not have high-resolution 3D views yet. Our in-house 3D photography studio is working hard to produce images for this item. Order this product now from LEDVANCE. Below, we have provided more information and data about this product:

  • Manufacturer item number: QTI DALI 3X18
  • Manufacturer order number: 4008321069979
  • EAN/GTIN: 4008321069979
  • Customs tariff number: 85041080
  • Item’s country of origin: Germany
  • Manufacturer program: “Quicktronic Intelligent”

Special features and characteristics

  • Type: electronic
  • For lamp type T26: yes
  • For lamp type TC-F: yes
  • For lamp type TC-L: yes
  • Suitable for number of lamps: 3
  • Rated voltage: 220..240 V
  • Housing: Metal housing
  • Degree of protection (IP): IP20
  • Protection class: I
  • Length: 360 mm
  • Width: 40 mm
  • Height: 21 mm

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Electronic ballast 3x18W Model Electronic, For lamp type T26, For lamp type TC-F, For lamp type TC-L, Suitable for number of lamps 3 ... 3, Suitable for lamp power 18 ... 18W, Nominal voltage 220 ... 240V, Degree of protection (IP) IP20, Protection class I, Length 360mm, Width 40mm, Height 21mm

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Type electronic
Multi-watt model no
Dimming 0-10 V no
Dimming 1-10 V no
Dimming DALI yes
Dimming DSI no
Dimming DMX no
Dimming Potentiometer (device-integrated) no
GPRS dimming no
Dimming LineSwitch no
Dimming manufacturer-specific no
Dimming Mains voltage modulation no
Dimming Phase section no
Dimming Phase control no
Programmable dimming yes
Dimming RF no
Dimming Sine Wave Reduction no
Dimming Touch and Dim no
Dimming Zigbee no
Dimming with push-button no
Without dimming function no
For lamp type HI yes
For lamp type HM no
For lamp type HS no
For lamp type LS no
For lamp type T7 yes
For lamp type T16 yes
For lamp type T16-R yes
For lamp type T26 yes
For lamp type T38 no
For lamp type TR yes
For lamp type TU yes
For lamp type TC-D yes
For lamp type TC-DD yes
For lamp type TC-DEL yes
For lamp type TC-F yes
For lamp type TC-L yes
For lamp type TC-QEL no
For lamp type TC-S yes
For lamp type TC-SEL yes
For lamp type TC-T yes
For lamp type TC-TEL yes
Suitable for lamp wattage (3-lamp) 18 W
Suitable for number of lamps 3
Suitable for lamp power 53,6 W
Rated voltage 220..240 V
Housing Metal housing
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Protection class I
Length 360 mm
Width 40 mm
Height 21 mm

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