Dimmer flush mounted 20...420VA 1224 LED UD E

Jung - 1224 LED UD E - Dimmer flush mounted 20...420VA 1224 LED UD E
Photo source: fig. possibly similar
Photo source: fig. possibly similar
1224 LED UD E 4011377143197 EAN/GTIN

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Compilation Base element, Operating type Tip button, Series dimmer no, Load type universal and... more
Dimmer flush mounted 20...420VA 1224 LED UD E – Jung – 4011377143197: Compilation Base element, Operating type Tip button, Series dimmer no, Load type universal and LED retrofit, Secondary input yes, Light value memory yes, Usable with button yes, Usable with motion detector yes, Usable with presence detector yes, Usable with timer yes, Usable with radio button yes, Mounting Flush, Fastening type Claw/screw fastening, Material other, Material quality other, Halogen-free yes, Color other, Transparent no, Rated voltage 230V, Frequency 50..60 Hz, Rated capacity 20..420 VA

Extended product description for Dimmer flush mounted 20...420VA

Additional product description

Great practical value and amazing quality. The item on offer here is manufactured by Jung. The item number of this product is EB16402310. In our eibabo® Online Shop, you can find the product in the Dimmers product group in the Switches catalog. You get a great product at a low price! As a top-selling product, this product is purchased by many satisfied customers around the world. Unfortunately, this item does not have high-resolution 3D views yet. Our in-house 3D photography studio is working hard to produce images for this item. And don't miss this excellent product from Jung! You can find more relevant information about this item in the list below:

  • Manufacturer item number: 1224 LED UD E
  • EAN/GTIN: 4011377143197
  • Customs tariff number: 85365080
  • Item’s country of origin: Germany

Special features and characteristics

  • Compilation: Base element
  • Operating type: Tip button
  • Load type: universal and LED retrofit
  • Secondary input: yes
  • Light value memory: yes
  • Usable with button: yes
  • Usable with motion detector: yes
  • Usable with presence detector: yes
  • Usable with timer: yes
  • Usable with radio button: yes
  • Mounting: Flush
  • Fastening type: Claw/screw fastening
  • Halogen-free: yes
  • Rated voltage: 230V
  • Frequency: 50..60 Hz
  • Rated capacity: 20..420 VA

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Dimmer flush mounted 20...420VA Assembly arrangement Basic element, Method of operation Touch control button, Type of load Universal and LED Retrofit, Substation input, Light value memory, Applicable with button, Applicable with movement sensor, Applicable with presence indicator, Applicable with time switch/timer, Applicable with transmission button, Mounting method Flush mounted (plaster), Type of fastening Mounting with claw and screw, Material Other, Material quality Other, Halogen free, Colour Other, Nominal voltage 230 ... 230V, Frequency 50 ... 60Hz, Nominal power 20 ... 420VA

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Compilation Base element
Operating type Tip button
Series dimmer no
Load type universal and LED retrofit
Secondary input yes
Light value memory yes
Usable with button yes
Usable with motion detector yes
Usable with presence detector yes
Usable with timer yes
Usable with radio button yes
Mounting Flush
Fastening type Claw/screw fastening
Material other
Material quality other
Halogen-free yes
Color other
Transparent no
Rated voltage 230V
Frequency 50..60 Hz
Rated capacity 20..420 VA

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